August 31, 2018

Habibian Tofiq Pasha visited his alma mater.

Habibian Tofiq Pasha visited his alma mater.

A renowned horticulturist of Pakistan and alumnus of Habib Public School, Mr. Tofiq Pasha class of 1975 alongwith Mr. Mohsin Mukhi visited Habib Public School on Wednesday, 29th August 2018.

He also visited the campus and enjoyed Dal-Chawal with the Principal and the students at the school canteen. We are equally proud of his achievements being an environmentalist and horticulturist of Pakistan. Mr. Pasha and the class of 1975 will work on landscaping the area around the school entrance.

We look toward the alumni of Habib Public School to give back to their school and we look towards our stars to be a part of the journey and success of our beloved Habib Public School.

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