April 24, 2018

Inauguration of Synthetic Turf on April 21, 2018

Inauguration of Synthetic Turf on April 21, 2018

In continuation to the Sports legacy, Habib Public School took great pride in announcing installation of the Synthetic Hockey Turf. This is the first and the only full size Hockey Turf installed in Pakistan at a private school. The Trustees were appreciated for their generous support.

Several veteran Habibian Hockey Players were invited to play an exhibition match to inaugurate the Synthetic Turf. One of the best Hockey Players Pakistan has ever produced namely Habibian Hassan Sardar and Habibian Safdar Abbas captained the teams and several other Habibian Hockey Stars like Qamar Ibrahim, Kamran Ashraf, Fazal e Kashif, Hasan Soomro, Asim Abbasi, Adeel Abbas and Salman Wahab also graced the event.

The live commentary and on spur of the moment comments by the alumni sharing their experience at HPS added nostalgia to the event. In the end souvenirs and mementos were given to the players and match officials. The School Principal; Mrs. Nargis Alavi and Vice Principal; Ms. Shahwar Ahmed presented a memento to Mr. Ali S. Habib in appreciation for providing World Class Sports facilities at the Habib Pubic School.

This joyous memorable event concluded with a pool-side lavish Hi-Tea for the icons of the History of Pakistan Hockey and all other guests and Alumni.